$afeID Airdrop

In our Airdrop campaign, we distribute $ID 500 worth 2,000USD to those who help us promote the $afeID project. For each task, you will receive the amount of token shown next to it.

You can also take part in our Airdrop promotion directly on Telegram, follow the link below: http://t.me/SafeID_Airdrop_bot

The airdrop promotion starts on 20th November, 2021 and ends on 28th November, 2021. Only the first 100 participants will be rewarded. If we reach this number before the end date, the promotion will end earlier. Rewards will be paid on November 29th.

What to do for free $afeID?

Here you can collect some free $afeID tokens, if you complete the following tasks:

Follow us on Twitter and retweet & comment the pinned post. (2 $ID)

Join the $afeID Official Telegram group. (1 $ID)

Join our $afeID Group on Facebook. (1 $ID)

Fill out the form below!

The Airdrop Form is closed.

Our Airdrop promotion ended on November 28th, 2021.