Don’t you hate that because of scam tokens, getting your project to market is much harder?

I’m tired of scammers ruining foresight cryptocurrency investment opportunities. You too?

I figured out a solution! Identify yourself as a project owner, prove your contact infos by me at A.G. BERGSMANN and get a signed certificate that you are verified.

This is how investors can see they can trust you and your project.

How does the Audit work exactly?

The audit carried out by A.G. Bergsmann ensures that the business and the owners behind the audited project are known and accessible. This does not mean publishing the personal details of project developers, but issuing a certified and digitally signed certificate that they have verified and identified themselves. 

We issue a public and a private certificate. The public one is available to everyone and proves that the project owners have identified themselves. The private certificate contains the result of our identification process and all of the documents and information sent to us during the procedure. It is stored in encrypted form, password-protected on a secure server and will only be handed over to the audit client or upon official requests of any national or international law enforcement organizations.

In addition, after the audit procedure, we remove all personal data of our clients from all of our servers.

Here you can see what those documents look like.

The Token $afeID

For the ordered audit service you can only pay with the cryptocurrency issued by us, the $afeID ($ID).
You can get the token initially for free during our Airdrop promotion. Later you can buy it during our token sale or at PankaceSwap the good known decentralized exchange.

Token Address


View on BSCscan


$afeID has special functions

Tx Fee 2% to Holders

Token holders receive 2% of each transaction as income in proportion to their capital.

Tx Fee 1% to Marketing

We spend 1% of all transactions on marketing purposes, thus increasing the popularity of the token and the project.


Initial Token Supply: 500’000 $ID
Reserved (Locked) Supply: 280’000 $ID
Current Supply: 220’000 $ID

Airdrops: (5%): Among our active supporters, who are involved in promoting the project, we will distribute 220 $IDs to 50 cryptowallet addresses each. This amount is exactly equal to the price of an audit service.
Private Sale: 26’400 $ID
Pre-Sale (30%): As part of a token Pre-Sale, we sell 66’000 $ID at a discounted price (220 $ID/BNB).
Liquidity: 42’000 $ID

Marketing (locked for 3 months): 33’000 $ID
Reserve for future liquidity (locked for 1 year): 41’600 $ID

The KYC/KYS Verification Process costs

How does the Audit work?

$ID 80

To learn more…

What can you do with the token $afeID?

  • You can pay for our audit service with $afeID.
  • You can HOLD the token to increasing the amount (and your wealth) after each transaction.
  • You can donate and help your favorite project to be KYC / KYS audited.

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